Synus Upgrade Unveil Art Cover+Date for The Release Of His New Song

Few days back, I am NORTH from KOGI on Twitter (@SynusUpgraded) “Synus Upgrade” The self acclaimed (Aljani da rap) jin with the rap. AKA GRADE. hailed from Kogi State, (LOKTOWN) lokoja to be precise. announces the dropping of his new jam titled “TANTABARA” means pigeon (Dove). These birds are symbolic to persistence, harmony and well-being, mercy and forgiveness, and freedom. Grade at the interview with the Arewaflaver. said“. I’m giving the world a real definition of peace song mix with mad lyrics and Syfy, th punchlines is top-notch from the root. in the respect of our late sister. the legendary Hajiya Sa’adatu Ahmad (Barmani Choge) ladi mai kidan Kwarya with blesses memory. Whom core message of her songs is that, African women should get up and shine in the male-dominanted world. Her music didn’t only make people dance but also speaks volumes about their status in the society. Without fear of tradition or religion her songs talked about serious social issues happening in today’s world. She has been a powerful voice for women and empowerment of the society. So here I present to y’all a new anthem for the South to the East to the west down from the North. North from Kogi and for a new Africa. (Tantabara Song For The Black). Street chocked up with obstacles but don’t sleep on your grades🦅 It is Getto Boy The World. He said.! Tantabara dropping on the 24th feb the big22… song will be out on all digital platform.



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